SRA Investigations

LBS Legal stands between you and the potentially ruinous effects of an SRA investigation, providing support, advice and guidance about your rights and the best way forward.

If you are being investigated by the SRA you are at risk of suffering harm to your reputation and financial loss. Timing is critical – you must get expert help and guidance immediately if you are contacted by the SRA regarding a complaint.

LBS Legal has an extremely impressive track record when it comes to bringing an SRA investigation to a swift and satisfactory conclusion. This is in sharp contrast to the outcome achieved by solicitors under scrutiny who attempt to resolve the issues directly with the SRA and ultimately receive penalties and sanctions which are often disproportionate to the original allegation or suspicion.

Professional Misconduct Team

Our professional misconduct team have years of experience and outstanding technical knowledge of SRA investigations, plus an unparalleled level of commitment with which we fight for our client’s interests.

We have a large and well-resourced department able to contend with even the most serious and large scale investigations without being overwhelmed by the SRA’s own ability to invest time, money and human resources into investigating you.

LBS Legal is frequently able to reverse the balance of power between regulator and regulatee by force of the sheer energy, commitment and determination with which we work on your behalf.

  • LBS Legal will not allow the SRA to investigate you in an oppressive manner.
  • We will not allow the SRA to exercise investigatory powers in an unlawful manner.
  • Where the SRA investigation is taking a proportionate and measured approach, LBS Legal will work collaboratively and intelligently towards the best possible outcome.
  • Our costs are highly competitive and we make every effort to keep them as low as possible by allocating research or basic drafting work to individuals at an appropriate level.

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