Data Protection Training

LBS Legal can assist your legal practice to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

CPD data protection training by our Lexcel accredited consultants and tutors will cover all aspects of this subject, including risk assessment, protection of client data, online privacy and your practice website, data storage and procedures for managing a data breach.

LBS Legal’s data protection training minimises the risks of such a breach and will reassure clients, insurers and stakeholders that your practice is using best practice. It is an essential course for compliance managers (COLPs), managing partners, senior partners and those in marketing and IT positions.

LBS Legal Data Protection Course

LBS Legal believes effective learning takes place face-to-face, so we conduct our data protection training at a location of your choice, for example at your offices.

Our data protection training covers:

  • Data security;
  • Confidentiality;
  • The storage and use of passwords;
  • Protection of client data;
  • External data processors and controllers;
  • Confidential waste management disposal;
  • The content of client care letters;
  • Marketing materials and legal compliance;
  • Your practices website and legal compliance;
  • Handling a data breach;
  • The role of and communications with the Information Commissioner.

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