Lexcel Accreditation

Well you’re on this page so you’re either interested in obtaining Lexcel accreditation or you’re a bad typist looking for a Japanese luxury car.

Assuming it’s Lexcel you’re interested in, then let me ask you a simple question.  Why?

You see, we’re not like any other Lexcel consultancy out there.  We won’t try and persuade you to ‘get’ Lexcel by making misleading and unsubstantiated claims about PII reductions or safety from the SRA.  Such claims cannot be proven to be true and we’re not in business to make dubious claims to our clients.  We haven’t built the largest and most successful Lexcel advisory business in the country – ever – by trading in false hope.

We are different because we know exactly what you need and we know how to leverage the Lexcel process to give you just that.

You need to turn your legal practice into a legal business.  You need that business to serve your life rather than consume it.  You need your business to generate income, to make profit, to manage cash well and to accumulate equity so that when the time comes to get out, you can do so on your own terms.  You need to get control of your money, your employees, your marketing, your clients, your compliance, your suppliers, your management and your time.  You need to get back control of your firm.  You need to get your life back.

If that sounds like you, then let’s talk.

We won’t make doubtful claims: we’ll do much better than that.  We’ll make promises – in the form of measurable contractual guarantees – and we will deliver on them every single time.

Here is our first promise.  If you work with us and listen to us, we will show you how to turn your firm not into a first class legal practice (that’s your job), but into a well-managed, successful, orderly, business that predictably and consistently generates income, profit, cash flow and equity in considerably greater amount than your competitors.

The fact that we have chosen to use Lexcel as the vehicle for certain parts of this process is of marginal importance, it was just the sensible thing to do.  Seeking Lexcel for any other reason than the ones I suggest will simply create another layer of administrative nonsense, which will weigh down upon you just like all those other things do.

Here is our second promise.  Ask to meet us.  Name the time and the place – tomorrow if you like and we will be there.  Schedule the meeting for one hour.  Listen to what we have to say. If you don’t like us, send us a bill for your hourly rate and we will pay it within seven days and never bother you again.

You see, unlike any Lexcel consultant you may speak to, we know that what we do works.  It works for us, it works for our hundreds of satisfied clients and it will work for you.

“Now that the dust has settled after our audit may we thank you for your help in preparing our application and supporting us on the day of  the audit.

You have been calm, patient and enthusiastic throughout, easy to contact and very willing to listen. We found the “made to measure” service of LBS in terms of our office manual and other procedures excellent and this was acknowledged by our auditor. Thank you once again for your assistance and encouragement”.

Susan Grey

On behalf of Gerald Armstrong & Co.

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