Regulatory Compliance1

Regulatory Compliance

LBS Legal provides essential regulatory compliance helping you to comply with the SRA Handbook. 

Regulatory sanctions can be avoided by practices which ensure they have taken all reasonable steps to comply with their regulatory obligations.  LBS Legal can assist in this regard by conducting a comprehensive compliance audit, with a detailed report of findings and assisting with any remedial action required, followed up by ongoing compliance support, addressing all remedial action identified, as well as any required compliance training.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • outsourcing;
  • referrals of business;
  • interest on client money;
  • conflicts of interest and compliance officers;
  • financial crime;
  • separate business rules;
  • compliance issues relating to promoting, publicising and marketing a legal services business;
  • all aspects of the SRA Handbook.

The compliance audit, carried out by LBS Legal advisers with appropriate qualifications, is intended to give you total peace of mind and provide simple solutions to eliminate risks. The sorts of issues that it would typically find include:

  • inconsistencies between the information given to clients and the current status quo in your practice;
  • instances where your compliance documentation does reflect the changes required to comply with legislative developments (e.g. the ban on referrals in personal injury cases), even though the necessary procedural changes may have been made; 
  • where irrelevant information is being given to clients or is not correctly tailored;
  • where an issue needs simplifying for clients to understand or inconsistencies between documentation rectified;
  • where informed consent should be obtained from clients and you should not be relying on simply informing them of an issue;
  • where confidentiality undertakings need to be obtained from third parties or outsourcing agreements put in place. 
The regulatory compliance report comes complete with a helpful compliance plan, which you can choose to implement yourself or engage LBS Legal in its activation. 

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