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LBS Legal is registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) as an external continuing professional development (CPD) course provider.

However, from 1 November 2016, the existing CPD framework, which includes a requirement of 16 hours of CPD training annually and authorisation of CPD providers, will change.  It will be replaced by the continuing competence scheme, an 'output' based scheme, which focuses on the process and effect of learning, rather than the input of a certain number of hours of learning activities.  

LBS Legal has acquired considerable experience as a CPD provider in the delivery of legal and regulatory education and training. Our training is usually provided on a face to face basis at our clients' offices (whether in lectures, seminars, workshops or one-to-one coaching) at a time to suit them.  More recently, webinar format has suited some clients, as it offers more flexibility to busy practices, particularly where staff are split between different offices.  However, we believe that face to face is the most effective learning method, due to the interaction and knowledge sharing which it stimulates. 

Despite the new scheme's focus on personal identification of training needs, practices should clearly also continue to make firm-wide provision for staff training at appropriate intervals on regulatory issues and on high risk areas such as anti-money laundering, to avoid potential sanction for regulatory breach, reputational damage and in some cases, even criminal sanction, if they fail to do so.  The Law Society's best practice recommendation is that some anti-money laundering training for relevant staff is 'preferable' every two years. 

Education and Training Courses

We offer education and training courses in the following subjects:

  • Anti-Money Laundering;
  • Conflicts of Interest;
  • Data Protection & Information Management;
  • Equality and Diversity;
  • COLP and COFA Practical Guidance and Advice;
  • Mortgage Fraud;
  • Anti-bribery and Corruption;
  • Risk Management;
  • Complaints Handling;
  • Outcomes Focused Regulation;
  • Financial Services for Solicitors.

However, if you have any particular requirements and the course in which you are interested is not listed above, please get in touch, as we are always open to suggestions for new courses and/or willing to develop a course bespoke to your needs.  

You can find out more about LBS Legal's education and training by contacting Ian Braithwaite on 07432 695 289 or by emailing

Ian Braithwaite Client Relationship Manager

T:  0113 385 4483
M: 07432 695 289

For General Enquiries: Email
24 hour Helpline 0845 0563949
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