Practising Certificate Renewals

17 October 2017

The fee for individual solicitors (as well as RELs and RFLs) is £278, plus an additional £40 contribution to the Compensation Fund.  A fees calculator is available on the SRA website to assist with calculation of the fees payable by firms, based on turnover and the number of SRA regulated individuals in the practice.  Reduced fees are only available for those on maternity leave and for RFLs based outside England and Wales.

The main difference this year relates to continuing competence, which requires solicitors to confirm that they have reflected on their practice and addressed any learning and development needs, rather than confirming that they have completed a specific number of CPD hours….

For a full copy of this article and further advice on practising certificate renewals, email Andre Tahmassian-Zarneh (Compliance Consultant) at or contact him on 07572 068105.