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Alternative Business Structure Services (ABS)

LBS Legal assists legal practices on all matters relating to alternative business structures (ABS).  Alternative business structures are a new idea and could provide more flexibility and opportunity for practices in England & Wales.

Our seasoned experts will help you decide whether your practice qualifies to become an alternative business structure, and which type of framework you fit into. LBS Legal closely follows the guidelines defined by the SRA and ensures you meet all the standards and requirements.

Alternative business structures might include the creation of a new entity to provide reserved legal services, or involve changes to an existing traditional legal practice considering external ownership and/or non-lawyer managers. Both these require authorisation as an alternative business structure.

This type of entity means:

  • lawyers and non-lawyers can share the management and control of businesses;
  • the ABS can have external investment and ownership;
  • an ABS can offer multiple services to clients (including legal services) from within the same entity (known as a multidisciplinary practice).

LBS Legal will guide you and potential shareholders and managers through the application for alternative business structure approval, as set by the SRA Suitability Test to ensure time and money are put to their best use and all criteria are securely met.

Please contact Ian Braithwaite on 0113 385 4483 or 07432 695 289 or by email to for more information about the ABS application process and our role in making it happen.

Ian Braithwaite 
Client Relationship Manager

T: 0113 385 4483
M: 07432 695 289

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