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Legal Aid Crime Tenders 2017: don't get in touch with us, we’ll get in touch with you…

16 December 2016

The LAA issued an update on 13 December for those practices applying to deliver Criminal Legal Aid Services from 1 April 2017 under a 2017 Standard Crime Contract. 

The majority of those who have applied have received notification of having completed the initial verification stage and will be asked to complete CRM12 in respect of their offices (or certain of them).   The initial verification required information relating to the practice's SRA/BSB number, as well as a compliant crime supervisor declaration form and a confirmed office address (or where this is not possible, the town/city in which an office will be set up) in respect of each bid.  

The next deadline of 28 February 2017 relates to:

verification information other than that mentioned above:

bids from those who do not wish to join a rota; and 

those wishing to join roots from 1 July 2017 only.

The LAA is currently processing the large volume of verification information which they received shortly before the recent deadline of by carrying out bulk downloads of emails.  They are prioritising initial verification information for those wishing to join the 1 April to 30 June 2017 Duty Rotas, for which the deadline was 12 December.  The LAA requests that practices: a) do not send repeated requests for an update on the status of their application, but b) if they do so, that they have first checked whether a reply has actually been received (which has not been happening in all cases). 

CRM12 invitations will start to be sent out this week, to those who have satisfied the initial verification stage.

Full details about the tender process, including the timetable, are set out in Information for Applicants.  However, it is particularly important that those participating in the tender process ensure all updates and amendments relating to the Legal Aid Crime Tender are monitored on the website. 

If you need any assistance in relation to your tender for a 2017 Standard Crime Contract, please get in touch with Ian Braithwaite Client Relationship Manager on 07432 695 289 or email


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