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Law Society: "Lose your inhibitions but not your job"

15 December 2016

The Law Society has published an article entitled “Lose your inhibitions but not your job – Christmas party etiquette” (read the full article in the News - Blog section of their website Although it contains some guidance which you would think is (hopefully!) glaringly obvious, it is not a bad idea to remind staff of the standard to which they should adhere, while enjoying themselves.  

The main points the Law Society Blog highlights are summarised below, with my comments (if any) in green:


  1. Turn up - to avoid looking as if you are not a team player.
  2. Look the part - check with colleagues about dress code.  In my experience, this will have been the topic of conversation for weeks, in the toilets, at the very least! 
  3. Mingle - use it as a networking opportunity. Make the most of being able to mix with colleagues in a more relaxed setting, perhaps; talk to people with whom you’ve worked or spoken to only briefly, but not met socially, definitely, but to use a party as a networking opportunity seems rather contrived. 
  4. Know your limits - definitely.  And although this should not need to be said, don’t take advantage of anyone who does not.  
  5. Rise above it - don’t gossip (rumours and gossip can leave colleagues feeling bullied and victimised) and don't confess anything which you wouldn’t if sober.  Good advice (see also 6 below).
  6. Stay professional - if you stay sober or know your limits, this is more likely to follow.  Resist chatting about pay rises, promotions etc.  It is probably naive and unrealistic to think that staff who’ve had a couple of drinks and for whom work may be the only thing they have in common, will resist talking about work matters…
  7. Stick it out - unless you do not know your limits, in which case, make your excuses and arrange a lift or taxi home to avoid embarrassing yourself!
  8. Have fun - definitely. The more staff feel part of a valued team, which will meet the challenges of 2017 together, the more successful your practice will be in the uncertain economic and political environment in which we are living. 


For our advice on the regulatory issues to consider and the action you should take, refer to Christmas Parties and other Social Events: Regulatory Issues in Industry News on our website. 

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