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WIQS: the Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme

05 February 2014
From this month (February) the Law Society will begin promoting the benefits of contracting the services of a solicitor with WIQS accreditation. The scheme, which law practices have been able to sign up to from 31 October, aims to provide a definitive quality standard for wills, probate and estate administration practices.

Only solicitors and firms that are regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority are eligible to apply for WIQS membership, and applicants are subjected to stringent checks on integrity, good practice management and adherence to the scheme's standards of quality client care. 

Gemma Shanks, Lexcel Assessor and Consultant at LBS Legal, hailed WIQS as a good opportunity for solicitors to promote the calibre of their services to their clients. 

"The Law Society has set its standards deliberately high in order to help the public understand that there is a world of difference between a will writer, and a wills and inheritance solicitor. Currently almost anyone can set themselves up as a writer of wills – it's an unregulated market, which proves unfortunate for some clients and has created mistrust. I believe WIQS has the potential to change this for the better."

Gemma's team is in the early stages of assisting practices that have already signed up to the scheme. "We make the process of becoming a WIQS member much easier for busy practices.

"We're able to advise them on all the steps they need to take in order to get approval. We can help preparing the paperwork and also with making sure their core practice management skills are up to standard. It's important they're quite sure they will be able to maintain the standards of WIQS Protocol."

The Law Society notes that firms with Lexcel or CQS accreditation will already have the core practice management standard in place and will find the application process easier as a result. Gemma says that those that do not, but which are considering WIQS, could take this opportunity to take the extra step and go for Lexcel too. "It wouldn't be much extra effort to aim for Lexcel accreditation along with WIQS, and with our experience guiding firms through Lexcel, LBS Legal ensures there is as little hassle and cost associated with the process as possible. 

"Once it's done, Lexcel brings excellent benefits, and this is what I expect will also happen with WIQS."

See the Lexcel service page and The Law Society's Wills Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS) page. For a full breakdown of how LBS Legal helps law firms achieve WIQS membership, contact

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