Working for LBS Legal

Working for us isn’t the average day job; you’ll be challenged, pushed and encouraged to strive.

In working for LBS Legal you will join a diverse team of legal, regulatory compliance, practice management and corporate management professionals, and engage directly with the business from the first day.

Our values are:

  • expertise: LBS Legal actively undertakes to be the best in the business. Reliable, up to date and informed knowledge and skills are at the heart of what we do and who we are;
  • innovation: LBS Legal and its team are committed to the development of skills, knowledge and deployment of our services is innovative, unique and industry leading;
  • respect: LBS Legal recognises and actively supports the strength of our people as individuals. The team and clients who work with LBS Legal are treated with respect, fairly and openly;
  • consistency: LBS Legal aim to ensure consistency in the application of our skills, experience, knowledge and quality in everything that we do;
  • growth: LBS Legal, and each individual member of the team, are committed to the growth and development of ourselves, our business and the growth of our clients.

Our culture is one of diversity, equality and professionalism. Each individual member of the team is committed to the development of LBS Legal, the delivery of informed, professional and effective advice to our clients, and to develop and maintain long term working relationships with everyone that we encounter. The is a sense of belief and personal commitment to the practice, to the work we undertake and an ambassadorial approach to our brand.

In working for LBS Legal, you can expect commitment, drive and ambition in everything that we do. We invest in the business, in our clients and in our people.

Our working environment is professional and efficient, with high quality, strong IT infrastructure and resources to ensure the effective delivery of our work.

We have a well versed and well executed work hard/play hard ethic. We expect hard work and drive as standard, and we deliver this to our clients. In return, we reward hard work with a competitive package and benefits and excellent social opportunities, from team lunches to excursions and social engagements.

Ian Braithwaite Client Relationship Manager

T: 0845 056 3949
M: 0743 272 4046

For General Enquiries: Email
24 hour Helpline 0845 0563949
or alternatively fill in the contact form below and we will contact you within 24 hours
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LBS Legal for Compliance Support 

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